How can we help you?

Hello all! We are putting a plan in place to support you and to give you some creative input and energy. Some of the things we are going to do are:

  1. We have started to put scripts, music and links on our members area that you can access.
  2. We are going to do daily blog posts and challenges for you to complete and upload or comment.
  3. We are hopefully going to video some sessions and share these with you.
  4. We are going to keep all this work on our website / blogs so that it keeps you safe.

What else would be good? Let us know!


  • Amy 12 months ago

    It would be great to have access to watching plays!

  • Lydia 12 months ago

    I would quite like to have quizzes were you have to guess the musical and I’m exited to find out the different challenges x

  • Lydia 12 months ago

    I would quite like to have different quizzes where you have to guess what musical it is. I am quite excited to try the different challenges.

  • Nat 12 months ago

    We have been following some live dance sessions for latin and ballroom on facebook but would love to have something similar for Silhouette for the children. Is this possible?

  • georgie 12 months ago

    Live dance sessions?

  • Ashleigh J Stuart 11 months ago

    could we possibly do a song writing class online?

  • Ashton 11 months ago

    Isolation vlogs that we film and maybe show some drama pieces in it. Then upload to YouTube??? I think that would be great.


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