Leadership Team

Here at Silhouette Youth Theatre, we are committed to giving our young people the skills they need for beyond their time at Silhouette. The Leadership Team isa prime example of this – learning how to be an effective leader, in a rehearsal room, in a classroom or any other room! Please read below about the wonderful young people that make up the Silhouette Leadership Team.

My favourite thing about Silhouette is being able to have a community of people who have the same interests as me. This community always accepts and supports me and anyone else who may join.
Silhouette is incredibly important as it provides a positive output, gives me an opportunity to do amazing things and do what I enjoy in a safe space.
I want to be able to have a hand in shaping what Silhouette will be in the future and be able to keep the next generation of Silhouette safe and feeling welcome.

I enjoy the feeling of comradery shared amongst the young people at Silhouette and the ability to express myself free from judgement. Silhouette is important to me because it has become an integral aspect of my personal growth – gaining confidence and experience, putting myself out there. As a leader I want to be looked up to by the people which I lead and to set an example.

One of the main things that I think makes Silhouette enjoyable is the atmosphere of the people in the studio and the fact that we all share the same interests so it feels like we can do what we want without being judged as we are there for the same reason.
Silhouette has been a massive confidence boost for me and made me a lot more comfortable around others, silhouette is somewhere where I don’t feel judged and includes all the things I love to do, since being there I have evolved so much not only as a performer but as a person I want to inspire others in the way that I have been inspired and to allow myself to look at Silhouette from a different perspective and see if leading is something I want to pursue in the future. It is a great opportunity to develop the skills that you need to lead.

I love being at Silhouette as I can socialise with some of the best people I know. It always gives opportunity for me to push and improve myself as an actress as well as providing me with an accepting environment for me to be myself.
Silhouette is important to me because I am given opportunities I wouldn’t get elsewhere such as working with the RSC and being a part of this leadership program.
As a leader, I want to achieve directing a piece for Silhouette so I can gain knowledge and experience for myself, in preparation for future work in this industry.

I really enjoy the atmosphere when I am at Silhouette and the felling that I am a part of a family. I love to dance, sing and act and I love that Silhouette welcomes anyone and makes us feel at home. 
Silhouette is important to me as it has inspired me to become an actor and it is my second home. We welcome anyone no matter who they are which is a very important part of what makes Silhouette. 
As a leader I want to have more independence and learn about how to teach other people what I have learnt. I am excited to develop and learn about what being a leader means.

At Silhouette I enjoy being amongst welcoming people with similar passions, where we all strive to achieve the most as we learn together. I love having a creative space where my voice is valued. It fuels my passion for performance, and I love the unique joy that it brings me.
Silhouette is important because it consistently provides a safe space for everyone who wants to be there. It allows us all to have equal access to something that is too often money orientated. One of our key values is that our community is the centre of everything we do, and that is embodied by the positive effect it has on everyone that goes. 
As a leader, I hope to encourage a love of theatre and learn from the people around me. I want to share my ideas and use this opportunity to grow both as a person and as a leader.

I enjoy being able to express myself at Silhouette and being able to do what I love every single week.
Silhouette is like a second home to me – everyone is a family and I love that.
As a leader I would like to gain confidence and an understanding of how to work in a professional environment.

I really enjoy Silhouette as it is a place full of good people. We can work together on projects and focus but at the same time, have a laugh and enjoy it. Everyone has an interest in performing arts and we all appreciate and support anyone performing. There is a family feel amongst us, especially during performances or stressful times.
Silhouette is important as it supports young people’s passion for the arts and encourages them to pursue it with auditions and advice. I have met good people and best friends through Silhouette for which I am very grateful.
Being a leader is an important skill to use in life, whether directing a cast or in other aspects. It allows us to understand how to support people.

At Silhouette, I enjoy seeing my friends and doing the things I love. The experiences I have when performing on stage are some of the best to be had.
Silhouette is important as it is affordable and accessible to anyone. The people at Silhouette care about each other and nobody is seen as more or less important than anyone else.
As a leader I want more experience with theatre – whether that be performing on stage, backstage, directing or any other aspect. I also want to help spread the importance of theatre and my love for it.

Silhouette is my second home. I can feel comfortable to express myself in a way where I’m not going to be penalised for my mistakes or feel insecure. The team at Silhouette has created a safe and secure atmosphere for all the young people that come through the door. Acting is my passion being a part of Silhouette has not only solidified that, but allowed me to improve my craft.
Silhouette is important as it has set up my future to become an actor whether that be on stage or behind it. Theatre will always be my passion and that wouldn’t be as strong if Silhouette hadn’t given me the opportunities it has.
As a leader, I want to help the next generation understand what it means to stand on that stage – whether that’s to sing, act or dance, it should always be done with passion and an understanding of the piece. That’s an important part of leading for me, helping others understand the reasons behind why they are performing.

At Silhouette, everyone shares the same passion and drive in life, and we have created a huge family where we all feel safe and secure. I believe Silhouette is crucially important in this time as many theatre companies nationally are either shutting down or raising their prices so high that theatre has become inaccessible and unaffordable for many. However, Silhouette is the opposite and remains affordable and accessible for all, allowing young people to express who they truly are.
As a leader, I want to maintain what silhouette has created, and allow future generations to have access to the same opportunities that I’m forever grateful for having through Silhouette.