Sam’s Dance

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We can all begin with a basic warm up……

Sitting in frog as always…

8 bounces over 8 bounces flat back

legs out front….pointed feet, straight back, straight legs feeling the pull on your thighs.

8 bounces over pointed feet ….8 bounces over flexed feet.

legs in second straight back, knees going up to the sky, pointed feet

8 stretches over your right leg and 8 stretches over your left leg.

flat back stretch in second.

centre bounce gently for 8.

Sit Ups….start with 10 then 20 then 30 then 40, depending on your ability.

Make sure you are not twisting and come up gently with your arms in a comfortable position, crossed on your chest or on your temples, bent knees and feet flat on the floor.

Plank or press ups.

Lie on your tummy elbows on the floor push up keeping a flat body position and  bums down,

Hold this for 20 or 30 or 40.

Press ups the same position,except hands flat on the floor start with 10 then graduate slowly keeping your body straight and bottoms down.

Bounce and stretch.

Sit in a squat position bounce gently for 4 and stretch up slowly.


Stand in 1st position heals togetherpull up on your thighs bottom tucked under,tummy in shoulders down, straight back..

Demi plie….heals together bend your knees, keeping your bottom tucked under and do not lift your heals x2

Full Plie in 1st…same thing as ply’s as above but lift your heals as you go down in a full plie.

The same as ply’s in second position except when you go down in a full plie you keep your heals flat on the floor.


Plant your feet solid on the floor.

Head fwd centre back centre x2 tilt head right centre left centrex2

Roll head to the right gently full circle and the same to the left.

Repeat whole exercise x3 gently.


Plant your feet solid on the floor.

Straight back roll your shoulders back x 8 and fwd x8 you can add arms, rolling shoulders with the upper arm then. the whole arm repeating as required.

7 count stretch.

Plant feet solid on the ground straite legs, reach up to the sky with arms  1, reach fwd with arms in frount and a flat back 2, touch floor with hands 3, back to upright position arm up high in a 5th position 4, plie in second arms in second 5, lift leg not high,arms in second 6, close back to starting position 7. Repeat this 4 times.


8 jumps feet in 1st 8 jumps in second remember to point your feet, and go through your feet when landing. Repeat this twice then repeat once half time. Then release your body down to relax for 16 then repeat whole thing again.


Start feet parallel squat fwd squat and jump arms in the air x 10 then breathe for 16 and repeat.

Pirouettes Jazz

Feet parrallel step to second arms in second 1,2

Prepare left foot fwd flat on the floor (when turning to the right) right foot back  heal off the floor  arms in 3rd 3,4

Find your spot front turn arms come into 1st back foot is lifted to retire turned in, push of the back foot spot and turn useing your centre to control your pirouette.

Singles Doubles and tripples on each side.


Dance task one 

You must use the warm up that I have written and put it to music of your choice, within a piece of choreography.

This is now called Isolation warm up… please be as creative as possible and use the beats of your chosen music.  You need to tell as story and it needs to flow and link without a break. So it is just using the basics of the warm up you can add to it creatively. So whoever rises to this challenge  will dance it alone or teach it to a group.

Enjoy and keep creating …..