Yes ladies and gentlemen welcome to our 2021 season! We are giving you a taster of what is to come and what to look forward to next year! The key focus for the year is to create work that is new, devised by Silhouette or reimaged by Silhouette. We are also focussed on getting our young people to direct, write and create their own work. You will see that we have groups that are commissioning work for other groups and this partnership is key to our creative vision. So, let’s get on with the 2021 Silhouette Season.


Imagine a world where young people have been taken away by the fairies in retaliation for the way humans are destroying the planet. Where lovers are not defined by society and their choices are not respected by adults. Where theatre has been banned and music causes people to do strange things. Welcome to the world of the Dream based on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream but with a definite Silhouette twist. Directed by Amelia Munro and Ashleigh Stuart, produced by the Silhouette Creative Team with original music from the Silhouette Songwriting group. The production will be performed at the Church Theatre and will possibly go on a short tour to schools. Be prepared to see a very different version of the play you think you know …


Set in the middle of a compound where all the adults have disappeared. Where only a group of young people have the ability to save themselves if they work together. What does it take to turn people in to savages? What are the real chances of rescue or survival? A total re imagined piece based on Lord of the Flies by William Golding and written by the company. Two different groups directed by Thomas Bursnoll and Ruby …. that will challenge your views and opinions and will take you to a very scary place. Not recommended for anyone that gets frightened easily!


Based on the fairy-tale of Cinderella – ELLA is a unique concept created by Sam Biddulph and the Silhouette Dance Company. Join us as we enter a world that is a modern twist on a firm favourite that has many characters that you will recognise from every day life. Never presume that you know everything about the people around you! The dance narrative features original music by John Bowman and is not to be missed. 


What does revolution look like? How do you change the world? Who will follow you and who will betray you? The Silhouette Musical Theatre group bring their unique view to one of the greatest musicals ever written. Set in the NOW we see the story as a revolutionary tale that has a terrible conclusion. We are hoping the piece will be performed live in the Shopping Centre and that we will have a band that will accompany the performance. With a cast of over 40 – this is going to be epic!


What would happen if you had the power to Glimpse other worlds? What would happen if by glimpsing them, you could explore them? Join us as we go on an adventure with Keomi and her imagination and we are transported to other worlds. Featuring original dance, music and script created by Silhouette Youth Theatre you will become part of the Glimpse worlds. Another new production from the group that bought you the Gruffalo and who continue to show the power of our young people.


Five young writers from our Scriptwriting group have created original pieces of work that will be performed by our Teen Drama group. Join us for an evening of pieces that explain the Narrative. Ours, yours, others – we all have stories and they all deserve to be told. We are very excited to present this work as it is truly written, directed and performed by our young people. This is a collaboration between two groups and it shows what can be done when you put young people at the centre! All scripts will be put in to our first published book and we can’t wait to share this with you.


Our Songwriting group will be producing their first album of songs this year. The working title is Unit29 – the place where most of these songs have been created. The album will be a mixture of original songs and cover versions of songs we know and love. The album will be produced by the young people of Silhouette and will be the first to be recorded in the Silhouette Youth Theatre Recoding Studio. The Songwriting group have also been commissioned to write original pieces for Dream and Ella and you will hear these when you come along and watch. We will let you let the release date – watch this space!


We are working with the National Theatre connections programme again this year. Last year’s production of the Changing Rooms was absolutely brilliant, and it was such a pity that we did not get to perform it at the Royal. In 2021 the Teen Drama group are going to take on the Connections performance and we are waiting to see which play we have been allocated. As soon as we know – you’ll know!


We are so incredibly excited to announce that Silhouette and the Royal and Derngate youth company will be working on a joint project this year. Together we will be writing a musical from scratch, rehearsing it and then performing it in the Royal in the Summer Term. Trudy Bell, Sam Biddulph, John Bowman, Leigh Wolmarans and the young people from Silhouette and R and D will all be involved. This is the first time we have taken part on such a project and we can’t wait to see what the result will be. We will let you know as soon as possible – an original musical made by the young people in Northampton. Can it get better than this?!