Meet the Team

Silhouette has an OPERATIONAL GROUP made up of 10 young people. They meet on a monthly basis and take an active role in the direction our charity takes and the work we do.

We have a brilliant group of PRACTITIONERS who run our sessions, are involved in our Silhouette Connect work and manage the work that we do.

Leigh Wolmarans (Drama Lead)
Samantha Biddulph (Dance Lead)
Georgia Grande (Voice Lead)
John Bowman (Musical Director)
Paul Martin (Film and Visual Arts)

We are also working with Abby Vincent and William Edwards who have recently joined the team.

We have a set of DIRECTORS who lead the work we do at Silhouette:
Leigh Wolmarans (CEO and joint Artistic Director)
Samantha Biddulph (Artistic Director)
John Bowman (Musical Director).

We have an amazing group of TRUSTEES who drive the work that Silhouette does and provide our supportive challenge to improve further:
Tony Covington
Georgia White
Mark Currell
April Dawn
Tom Munro
Christina Hodges.

We also have a great group of VOLUNTEERS made up of parents and friends of Silhouette who support us in all that we do.